Tuesday July 5 - Masterchef tasting session

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Hello AIC foodies! 🍲🍛

Finally again a dinner event. Let's meet, chat, and have fun, all while doing one of the most beautiful things in life: EAT! 🤤 

Let's get together to experience the Indonesian culture through some delicious home-cooked Indonesian food & drinks!

AIC has partnered with TASTY TALKS and HOMECOOKD to organize this fantastic event:

  • HOMECOOKD is an Amsterdam-based startup delivering authentic & delicious home-cooked food to customers.
  • TASTY TALKS is a platform for foodies offering authentic Dining experiences in people’s homes. 

What a great team to deliver such a tasty event! 

When? Tuesday 5th of July. 

We meet at the home of the host and while we wait for everyone, we will get to know each other and have some drinks.

Then the host will invite the home chef from HOMECOOKD to kick start the social dinner. There will be 3-4 dishes to share in a cozy home set in the Jordaan area. (We will disclose the address of the house by mail after you will have bought your ticket)

Amsterdam is home to several cultures including Indonesian. It would be definitely useful to know some insides about this delicious cuisine.

The perfect setting to have a pleasant evening in the company of other internationals.

What about drinks? You can bring your own booze! 

Come on, join us for this delicious event! 

AIC exists now for more than five 5 years. After organizing over 1000 events of any kind, and surviving a pandemic, we feel stronger and eager to offer many different events to the International community of this wonderful city where we live. 

Besides organizing events aim to let people socialize and interact, we always considered AIC as a laboratory of activities and services that could benefit all the internationals following our community. 

We always strive to offer the best to the community by offering many free events and by negotiating better conditions for our members when we cooperate with third parties

Our intention is to keep following this direction. Nevertheless, there are many costs to face and a lot of time to invest in keeping this organization

For this reason, we created the AIC card. A special membership for our most loyal followers. This card is a great way to enjoy the many opportunities that our community has to offer.

This project is still in an embryonal phase and therefore it is still a work in progress. We will keep adding perks and ideas with the intention of creating the perfect card. 
We made the first batch of AIC cards which counts 50 units only for Ladies and is offered at a promotional price. 

Why should you get an AIC Card?

  • Get access to events for special conditions. E.g. free entrance or 50% discount depending by the event. 
  • Enjoy special discounts from AIC's partners.
  • Have always priority entrance when spots are limited
  • 24 hours refund policy with events organized by AIC
  • Most important than everything, support our organization! AIC is not our full-time job neither an NGO. We started it as a hobby with the purpose of supporting the expats community of Amsterdam. A little contribution is always very helpful. 😉

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