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Partners: RMP Finance

For privates:

With extensive experience for more than 15 years serving many satisfied customers, RMP Finance is your reliable partner in the Netherlands for expats and especially Portuguese!

RMP offers a service for expats helping you integrate and adapt to your new country with the warmth, hospitality, familiarity and friendliness of home.

The Netherlands has an excellent geographical position and, combined with an excellent transportation network, can deliver a number of tax advantages depending on your situation. It is a country with a great cultural diversity and very tolerant towards other nationalities.  In short: the perfect place to live or conduct business!

Our services for individuals include:

  • IRS Statements
  • Local Dutch and Portuguese personal task and financial services
  • Dutch Social Security issues
  • Advice on health insurance (obligatory in the Netherlands) and help during the registration process
  • Simulation and requisition of the subsidy of SNS (zorgtoeslag) and housing rent (huurtoeslag)
  • Simulation and requisition of IRS pre-receipt (VT)
  • Support for other Dutch institutional requirements
  • Tax advice when buying a house

Life can be confusing in another country, in another language, and under another legal/financial/social system. RMP Finance can guide you in the right direction with practical advice that will save you time, money, and energy.

Are you going to buy or sell a house? Do you know the tax requirements to which you are obliged? RMP Finance can help you.

Is it time to file your taxes? Do you have the 30% tax ruling? RMP will handle everything.

You can rely on a high-quality of Portuguese service, combined with fluent Dutch skills and a deep knowledge of the Dutch system.

Are you Portuguese and you feel confused about the combination of Dutch and Portuguese taxes and the implications of owning property abroad? Get in touch.  So you can feel at home, even outside of Portugal.


For businesses

RMP Finance has a long history of supporting companies in the areas of: Financial, Accountancy and Fiscal Management, Human Resources Administrative Services and Management Consulting.

Their clients range from small startups to freelancers (ZZP'ers) to medium companies looking to expand their business further in the Netherlands or abroad.

What differentiates RMP Finance from other companies? A rigid professionalism which you can trust to steer your business in the right direction.

Our services include:

  • Accountancy/Bookkeeping
  • Financial Management
  • Fiscal Management
  • Human Resources Administrative Services
  • Management Consulting
  • New Business Development
  • National and International Expansion

Our ability to adapt to our clients needs together with our years of solid technical knowledge, expertise and experience makes RMP Finance your ideal partner. Visit the website

Show them your valid AIC card and get 10% discount on the tax return declaration!