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AIC network

Over the years, AIC has made a lot of friends in the city—both internationals and Dutch people with a special dedication to the international community in Amsterdam and people who are capable of and comfortable with working with internationals  

We thought it would be a good idea to list all the professionals we have met during our journey living in Amsterdam and those we would be proud to recommend—a list based on our own experience and on our extended network.

Once we compiled the list, we contacted these people and asked them to offer special conditions to all AIC card holders, in exchange for being listed and promoted on this page.

They happily accepted 😎

The names of these companies are here below. Do you already have an AIC card?

If the answer is yes, then you are eligible to take advantage of their discounts. Log in and click the name of each company to see the perks they offer to our members!


Immigration, Tax declaration and general finance:

    • RMP Finance: Rui, a Portuguese man living in the Netherlands for  many years, has been taking care of our finances since our community was born. Rui is precise, punctual and with the right human touch to help other internationals to take care of their Dutch finance and taxes. We will never get tired of recommending his services! 10% discount with AIC! More info here
    • Ace finance: is a first class mortgage advisory, specialized in mortgages for non-Dutch people including expat mortgages.


    • Amsterdam at Home MakelaarsWe’ve experienced their services as sellers and as buyers of properties in Amsterdam. In both cases, we had a very positive experience. We also recommended them to other friends and everyone was very happy with their service. If you need to buy/sell a house/apartment, we believe that Anouk, Kaylee, Elsemieke and the rest of the team of Amsterdam at Home Makelaars are the ones who deserve to get your attention. 10% discount with AIC! More info here
    • Floor StudioSalome, a Portuguese woman living in the Netherlands for more than a decade, is the owner of this beautiful showroom in Amsterdam specialized in floors,  wall coverings, and more. Floor Studio has in its assortment upholstery and lamps. Besides having a fine selection of high-quality and design products, Salome can also provide you precious design advice, project management and installation service. 10% discount with AIC! More info here
    • MoS: A brand of exclusive and unique Onyx lamps. Carved out of blocks of a rare natural stone, MoS designed luxurious lamps that are stunning shaped stones. When it gets dark turn on the light and let these magical masterpieces light up your space. 10% discount with AIC! More info here
    • Studio p3Studio p3 is a turnkey interior architecture and construction business. They specialise in design and renovations mainly for expats living in Amsterdam. They do projects of all sizes, from a bathroom redesign to a full apartment renovation. Studio p3 is founded by Peta, who is an architect based in Amsterdam. Peta and her team are contemporary and thoughtful designers, who love helping people create a home away from home. 

Food and drinks

    • I-Dock: Located in Amsterdam’s city center, I-Dock offers a comfortable atmosphere for you to enjoy any moment of your day: whether working or meeting new people. A blend of urban and Maritime tones, I-Dock invites you to dock your boat in the marina and enjoy international cuisine with Mediterranean influences inside their dining room or out on the terrace. If you purchased an AIC card you can get 10% discount on your dinner! 10% discount with AIC! More info here

Nightlife and Fun

  • Amsterdam nightlife tickets: Experience the nightlife of Amsterdam with just 1 ticket, valid for 2 or 7 days, and get entry to more than 20 clubs. Get a free welcome drink in 8 of the clubs. You decide when and where you want to go. 20% discount with AIC! More info here
  • Book a magicianClose-up magic is the perfect ice breaker between your guests and enhance the fun atmosphere at your special event. 
    No hassle with a stage or microphone, a close-up magician will approach your guests. During cocktails, after dinner or a reception, the magician entertains amongst your guests. This way they get to see the magic inches from their eyes.

Services you should not miss:

  • Fornetis an award winning laundry & dry cleaning company with 1600+ shops in Asia. After working at the HQ in China, Leon moved back to the Netherlands to launch the European division of Fornet with its first flagship store in the business district of Amsterdam (Zuidas) and an app-based pickup & delivery service via e-bikes. 10% discount with AIC! More info here


      • MixtreeMixTree Languages is a non-profit language school that offers high-quality English courses in a friendly and multicultural community at the best prices in Amsterdam. Their small group courses are taught by highly qualified and experienced native or bilingual English teachers who encourage conversation and group interaction and offer continuous feedback. Visit the website


      Disclaimer: AIC is keen to list only trusted reliable partners willing to provide their best service.  If you would experience any trouble please report the issue to us, we will investigate the matter and if necessary remove the party from the list.