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Partners: ACE finance


Over the last years ACE finance helped a lot of foreign people financing their dreams, so we can definitely say that delivering mortgages is the specialty of the house! If there is a way, they will find it!

We know it’s hard to purchase a house in the Netherlands. Especially in the Amsterdam area. ACE finance will make the process as smooth as possible.

They are no real estate agents. They can’t help you find a house and do the right bid. But besides that, ACE finance will take care of everything.

They calculate your budget, they do the applications at the banks (multiple when necessary), they contact valuators, take care of bank warrantees, check the documents you receive from the notary and they make sure you will get the
proper insurances. So basically ACE finance will provide everything needed for the purchase of the property.

So contact them to see what possibilities you have. It might be more then expected!

Show them your valid AIC card and get 250€ discount on their fee!