Expat Housing

Expat housing in Amsterdam is very challenging.

Housing shortage in Amsterdam and high demand have resulted in significant prices increase and troubles for expats.

Moreover, apartments for rent are available for a very short time.
Even on the buying market, banks are currently enough generous with granting mortgage and this carries both positive and negative sides.
Important matters with regards to expat housing Amsterdam, such as taking out a mortgage and finding suitable houses, can all create stress for you as an expat.

Our housing services was developed to make it easier for you to settle in Amsterdam and find a place you can call home.

Problem is that negotiation power of a single individual looking for room(s) for rent and availability of room sharing are low.

It is a lot easier to find apartments with two bedroom and good quality standard.

Hence, the idea to start “Find Your Roomie” to find a roomie match and allow room sharing.

This will open options to get access to more properties with higher quality standard.

Let AIC help you!

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Our Expat housing service made it to the dutch newspaper

Speciaal voor nieuwkomers: Find Your Roomie

“Overvol en bizar,” zo omschrijft Massi­miliano Barone de huizenmarkt in de stad. Hij en Attila Bongiovanni hebben onlangs de Amsterdam International Community opgericht.